Talon Tools: Practical IEEE 802.11ad Research

<img src=”logos/talon.png” align=”right” width=45% height=45%/> The Talon Tools project consolidates a set of software tools for practical research with commodity IEEE 802.11ad devices. It bases on TP-Link’s Talon AD7200, which is the first wireless router that supports the IEEE 802.11ad standard and was released in 2016. Using this platform allows to investigate various aspects of 60 GHz millimeter-wave communication in realistic on-site experiments. With our framework, we support various kinds of experiments and evaluations performed with multiple routers in arbitrary environments.

Usage Report and Statistics

Our Talon Tools framework is a research project that we share with the community so that others can reproduce our results and benefit from it. We aim to record basic statistics on where and for what purpose our tools are used. Please consider filling our short usage report that will only take a few minutes. You can also use this to report your publications. Doing so, you support us to keep track on the usage and allow us to continuously refine our work.


Getting Started

Please follow our getting started tutorial to establish your first wireless gigabit link. For individual documentations, consider the involved projects directly: For example, you can build your own LEDE image with lede-ad7200 and create custom patches for the wireless chip with nexmon-arc. If you just want to use our antenna patterns in your evaluations, check out the sector-patterns repository. For detailed information on our platform and the framework, please consider our papers at CoNEXT ‘17 and MobiCom ‘18 (see below).


This software might damage your hardware and may void your hardware’s warranty. Use our tools at your risk and responsibility.

Our papers using Talon Tools

Reference our project

Any use of the Software which results in an academic publication or other publication which includes a bibliography must include citations to the Talon Tools project and probably one of our papers depending on the code you use. Find all references in our bibtex file. The project should be cited as follows:

	author = {Steinmetzer, Daniel and Wegemer, Daniel and Hollick, Matthias},
	title = {Talon Tools: The Framework for Practical IEEE 802.11ad Research},
	url = {https://seemoo.de/talon-tools/},
	year = {2018}

Give us Feedback

We want to learn how people use our platform and what aspects we might improve. Please report any issues or comments using the bug-tracker and do not hesitate to approach us via e-mail.


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